Have A Nice Day

    Pestilence, plague, small pox, measles, polio, chicken pox, mumps, fleas, lice, ticks, psoriasis, dandruff, famine, cancer, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, NO blood pressure, asthmas, allergies, mental diminishment, financial impairment, a treeless family tree, lemon in your sugar, sugar in you engine, long visits from your mother-in-law, short visits from your friends, longer visits from the IRS, short visits from terrorists, longer visits from the FBI, jock rot, yeast infections, a long stay at Soledad, pimples, warts, pustulating open sores, broken bones, fractures, compound fractures, big bills, no insurance, many marriages, lots of alimony, a mean spirited boss, no friends, lots of enemies, barking dogs, screeching cats, night mares in the day and dreamless nights, infections, epilepsy, contusions, bruises, a small cell mate who doesn't like you much, a BIG cellmate who thinks you are cute, a cracked skull, sprained joints, ruptured groin, counterfeit coins, ugly children, a fat one eyed, flabby lipped pug-nosed, toothless one-eyebrowed hairless wife, mice in your burning motor home, Republicans in your bedroom and democrats in your bathroom, winter vacations in Syria with the Huzbullah and lots of AT&T stock bought at an all time high. Oh yeah and hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids the size of an asteroid!

    These are a few of the things I wish on the S.O.B. metermaid who gave me a $20 parking ticket at the 2nd Wharf on November 1st in Monterey, California.




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