No Moron Left Behind

    A great fraud stalks our land. It has spread its false claims and deadly premises and bleeds those
needing blood the most. I offer to you - No Child Left Behind and its insidious effects.
    NCLB as it has come to be known, is unacceptable in all its toxic incarnations.
    Why? Well, let’s apply to President Bushes Iraq War the same regimen he would thrust on the teachers of America.
    The minutiae of the law works like this. Each year a higher percentage of the students MUST be proficient. Translation - a fifth-grader MUST read at a fifth
grade level. If he/ she does not-the school is targeted for non-compliance and it is put ON THE
LIST - then money is taken away and new leadership can take over. Each year the required level of proficiency percentage increases until by the year 2014 - 100% of ALL students must be on
grade level. This is a statistical impossibility - (We have children in our schools with down syndrome -
they can not EVER achieve grade level proficiency.)
    Therefore the parallel - In Iraq each year the US troops must increase the number of insurgents they kill until by the year 2014 100% of all insurgents are killed. And if not - the military units which
are failing units shall receive less money and have new commanders.
    Maybe... the new commander idea isn’t such a bad idea....of the nation I mean.
    (Yup...we’s gots us a jobs to do you’all)




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