Body and Seoul (Memoir – 61,000 words.)

    Paul Karrer, an American teacher of English arrives in South Korea’s southern most island, Cheju in the late 1970’s and experiences an unsettling, upside down and often confusing world. Things become more complex when he enters into universally star-crossed relationship and he marries a Korean professor Mi-Ra. Each tells their distinct separate story, but bit by bit, piece by piece their stories blend. Together, their tales weave an insightful picture into the inner workings of the Land of The Morning Calm. The personalities encountered range from Karrer's students and fellow teachers, to an ex-POW, Korean and foreign monks, peasants, bureaucrats and orphans.

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About A Dog – Part One - Serprise Package From Skippy

    Our daughter, Amber, wanted a dog. She begged for one. She wheedled, and cornered me for one. She used all the advantages a ten-year-old child has, like a good memory and a cherubic face.
    “You had a dog,” she complained with her arms calmly placed behind her back, “when you where a kid.”
    She maintained a composed demeanor, eyeing me. I like composed. I said nothing.
    “I’m an only child,” she continued, not in a whining tone, but matter of factly. “I’ll never have brothers or sisters. I’m just lonely sometimes.”
    I continued to say nothing, but I thought. You are right; you will not have brothers or sisters. Your mother and I are too old. We have many regrets and your sharpened dart has struck one of them, bull’s-eye!
    “Don’t you have pictures of your dog?” she asked, with a sigh and a bit of hope, “Could you show them to me?”
    A well laid trap, if ever I heard one. And I put my foot into it like a bear beneath a bee’s hive dripping with ambered honey leading me straight back to Korea.





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